Late. Ar. Valjibhai Daisaria

Late Ar. Valjibhai Karsandas Daisaria is the founder and visionary behind the inception of Daisaria Associates. Having completed his academic education from the prestigious JJ School of Architecture, he began his humble design journey which later went on to become one of the most sought after architectural practices. His zest for life, socially adept nature and focus on using architectural as a means to improve human lives, is what set him apart and made him one of the leading architects of the 1980's. His philanthropist practice involved several social and religious architectural projects which were community centric. The company's ethos are firmly ingrained in the principles that were set by Valjibhai Daisaria, who was a firm believer of ethical design practice, community upliftment and a visionary foresight that dreamt that Mumbai shall be a mega city of the future.

Ar. Manoj Daisaria


Ar. Manoj Daisaria is the principal architect at Daisaria Associates and an esteemed personality of the architecture & real estate landscape fraternity. His Honesty, hardwork, commitment towards client relations along with his acute eye for detail and honed expertise in the field of building byelaws & development regulations has been pivotal to make the organization the Top Liasoning firm of Mumbai. He believes that every building or proposal is not just a challenge, but an opportunity to learn, grow and foster within the constraints. His virtues have made sure that the organization never compromises on 2 important aspects - the quality of work and the quality of ethics.

Ar.Karan Daisaria

Design Studio Head

Ar. Karan Daisaria is the Gen-Next of the Daisaria Associates family. Having completed his masters in architecture and urban planning from the prestigious Columbia university, he started the design wing of the firm in 2017. His youthful dynamism and vision, teamed with immaculate attention to planning, design & aesthetics makes him one of the leading young architects in the design fraternity. His camaraderie with peers and employees makes him a loved and adored personality. Under his able guidance, the design wing of Daisaria Associates has worked on 50+ projects and won accolades at national & international platforms.

Anita Daisaria

Principal Interior Designer

Anita Daisaria is the principal interior designer with well over three decades of experience in the field of interiors and styling. At the heart of Anita Daisaria’s design aesthetic and practice lies a multi-dimensional, stimulating sensory approach to deliver premium contemporary design solutions to the end user in the residential and commercial sector. Her eye for detail along with her expertise at curating bespoke experiences has helped her carve a niche in the design industry.

Ar. Devansh Daisaria

Computational Designer

Breaking paths and articulating complexity through elegance & vision building architecture, Ar. Devansh Daisaria joined the firm in June 2022, after completing his masters in AA DRL and a successful professional tenure at the reputed Zaha Hadid Architects. His team mainly curates design explorations towards the horizon of beauty and experience. His specialization in computer-controlled geometry enables him to test, question and build unique tangible solutions. His expertise in design development and creating an icon or story out of every project brings the new-age edge to Daisaria Associates.