“Whenever I looked at myself, I always thought I wasn’t good enough to be an architect, but interning here has changed everything I believed in and the team made me believe in myself and it means the world to someone who has always questioned herself on her career choices. I’ve always been a firm believer that blook relations aren’t everything and joining this firm has just proved my point furthermore. In all honesty, being a part of Daisaria has made meet the kind of people one meets while back-packing through India.”

IES College of Architecture, Mumbai.

“I have worked in so many different kinds of projects, met amazing people and most importantly learnt so much. I am very thankful to every person with whom I’ve worked at the Daisaria studio. From software skills to professionalism and from lovely co-interns to an encouraging and supportive heading team. Thank you Daisaira Associates.”

Mukti Shah

“I really appreciate the fact that interns are allowed to work independently and that we are given equal importance and responsibilities as the architects in the studio. Apart from work Daisaria has always welcomed me with a cheerful environment in office. I am grateful to cross paths with all the people I met at this office. I am leaving with priceless memories for a lifetime”

Academy of Architecture, Mumbai

“Looking at the basic outlook of most offices I never expected that work can always include learning with so much fun and evoke a friendly atmosphere. When I got a full package of learning, fun, lovely people to be with it all, seems so dreamy yet blissful. I can rightfully say that the office has made me push my limits both personally and professionally to make a better architect and individual today.”

Kaveri Kalantre
L.B.Hiray College of Architecture, Mumbai

“I consider myself immensely lucky to be a part of Daisaria. I oved working every single minute of my internship. I have met such inspirational and caring people who have made me a learn a lot in just mere 4.5 months. The encouragement and importance that I received as a part of the team shall always remain in my heart. Thank you Daisaira Associates, ”

Anagha Choudhary
Academy of Architecture, Mumbai

“When I started my journey from a small town to the city of opportunity ‘Mumbai’, little did I know what was in store for me. Daisaria Family has always supported me, at every stage of my journey there was someone or the other always holding my hand and guiding me towards the path. The days have passed away, but the memories are still alive in my mind. I am grateful I got this lifechanging opportunity. ”

Mayank Nigam
Anand College of Architecture, Agra.

“I am surprised to write this, that I didn’t know an office could give an intern so much importance & appreciation, along with the work and experience. I have made memories worth a lifetime, and the freedom of speech I was offered, has helped me to become a great individual (personally & professionally). Daisaria Associates has definitely proved to be the horizon of the city of dreams for me! ”

Devesh Gautam
Faculty of Architecture, Lucknow

“I am leaving with countless cherishable memories that would occupy me throughout my life. I was excited since we got the coordination email with the names and colleges of the incoming interns. What I was the most astonished was there were people from different cities of India. I got much more than what I had expected. I leave behind some precious bonds and take with me countless memories to adore for the rest of my life. ”

Komal Vaghela
Laxmi Insitute of Architecture ,Sarigum

“Apart from architecture, I learnt a lot of other things. I learnt to interact , be more open & work in a team . The competitions gave me the exposure that I have never experienced before. The seniors were so helpful, that I learnt much more than what I had expected. This office moulded a new and confident ‘me’. ”

Parvathy Murukesan
TKM College of Engineering ,Kerela

“I have learnt the most amazing things of my life, both personally and professionally in my tenure at Daisaria Associates, and I probably do not know where should I begin from. The past 8 months have been a tremendous journey filled with loads and loads of memories. From marvellous projects to the tasks & jobs assigned to me. From interesting perspectives towards competitions to the relations I made here, it has definitely been one of the best decisions of my life to start my professional career from Daisaria Associates.”

Chitkara School of Planning & Architecture, Chandigarh

“A firm that works together, eats together, designs together, definitely stays together! I have gotten the opportunity of working on various projects of different scales which has helped me develop my outlook towards architecture and beyond. I have earned a family away from home, thank you so much Daisaria Associates. ”

Parth Panara
Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodra

“When I boarded my train all the way from Kerala to be a part of DA as an intern, little did I know, this place would be a platform for the exchange of diverse thoughts, culture, knowledge and friendship that I would love to cherish later on. Thankyou DA for making my first professional practice a memorable one, and taking me a lot many steps ahead, professionally and personally, from where I had embarked.”

Amala Eliza Punnoose
TKM College of Engineering, Kollam, Kerala
Intern, June-Dec, 2017

Daisaria Associates is the place, where they make you work like a professional, providing a homely environment. They make you committed towards your work, encouraging you to take part in various International competitions. Also, improving your software skills, they give you the opportunity to design freely. Personally, my internship in DA has introduced me to a lot of useful resources and has given me the opportunity to meet a variety of professionals. They will also help to make your portfolio or resume strong. And I am sure you will master time management while working under Daisaria Associates. P.S- They take you to parties as well, therefore a definition of perfect work place.

Shivam Khandelwal
DIT University , Dehradun
Intern, July-Nov,2017

5 Reasons,why not to come to Daisaria Associates.
1.Do not come to Daisaria Associates, If you don't want to have a experience of a lifetime.
2.Do not come to Daisaria Associates, If you don't want a new family, a brother ,a mother and what not.
3.Do not come to Daisaria Associates, If you don't want to party with your seniors.
4.Do not come to Daisaria Associates If you don't want to call your boss by his name, and being treated with respect.
5.And surely don't come to Daisaria Associates, If you don't want to learn. I say DO NOT,If.......

Sarthak Khurana
DIT University , Dehradun
Intern, July – Nov, 2017

I want to thank each one of you, for guiding me through and being a part of my first step in the professional side of our field. The experience I had here, has sure been one good one. i had first time hands on practice on many new softwares, which indeed will help me a lot in the coming years, the details, have brushed my knowledge further. another important thing i would like to mention is the competitions. Apart from learning many things, it has boosted my confidence and interest towards the field.
Lastly, a shoutout to all the friendships I developed here, with the fellow interns! Thankyou all!
Thankyou karan and all associated, once again.

Kevin Mehta
D.Y.Patil College of Architecture, Navi Mumbai
Intern , Oct 2017 – March,2018

As we all know interns are known as modern time labourers but Daisaria Associates didn’t make us feel that way. They considered us as a part of family and taught us how experienced ones teach absolute freshers. Got to learn a lot from this office and couldn’t think of any other office where I could have learnt so much being an intern. Just want to thank Daisaria Associates for letting me be a part of their great team.

Manan Lakhani
L.S.Raheja College of Architecture, Mumbai
Intern Oct 2017 – March 2018

Internship is a journey where i have learned a lot of things from everyone in office. It took me some time to mix up with people but at the end its very difficult to leave them. I can never forget those Happy sad crazy and so many memories in office. And at the end, I can see the change in myself that will help me a lot in my future.

Manali Asawle
L.S.Raheja College of Architecture, Mumbai
Intern Oct 2017 – March 2018

"We all know that practical experience is the best, and internships give students that hands-on experience they need. I feel that quality internships are essential to develop key skills that you can't get in a classroom. Skills such as multitasking, communicating, learning to deal with diversity, and dealing with deadlines are different when you are working under someone else, not yourself like you do in college. Here at Daisaria Associates Internships are also a great way to network with people in the industry. My boss Ar.Manoj Daisaria is the best of teacher, he always taught me and answered all my queries he is an idol to follow, Mr. Vyas sir & Mr. Holla sir (CEO of the company) made me feel like a family my co-workers were great about giving me work and teaching me . I hope to work again with these people more often."

Rohan Bhavsar
D.Y.Patil College of Architecture , Navi Mumbai
Intern, Oct 2016 – March 2017

"Internship is the most important and a stepping stone for anyone entering the real estate market. My experience at Daisaria Associates was more like a family rather than any other corporate office . I have learnt and grasped a lot of things as Daisaria Associates has always welcomed me with helping hands . My Internship at Daisaria Associates has molded me to handle any real world projects making my experience beautiful. "

Dhaval Chawda
Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture,Navi Mumbai
Intern ( Nov 2017 - March 2018)

"I can say Daisaria Associates was a better home for me than an office. Here, I was given an opportunity and exposure in almost every aspect - Designing, detailing to participating in competitions is where I enjoyed the most. It was a wonderful experience to work with them. Introduction of internship program was motivating as it made sure that when we depart from this office , we leave with a brain full of knowledge, a personality full of confidence and a heart full of memories. I could wrap it up as Daisaria Associates being a perfect place for overall development for interns as well as architects. "

Nupur Shah
Lokmanya Tilak Institute Of Architecture & Design Studies,Navi Mumbai
Intern ( Nov 2017 - March 2018)

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